Rarest blocks in Minecraft

16 December, 2022

Rarest blocks in Minecraft

New items and blocks are always added to Minecraft updates. On November 30, Minecraft 1.18 was released.

It brought many new features to Minecraft, and fans had eagerly awaited it. Rare blocks might be found while exploring Minecraft's world.

This article will cover the most rare Minecraft blocks that can be found in every Minecraft world.

Rarest Minecraft blocks

5) Mycelium

This is a type of dirt that can be found in the most rare biomes, the mushrooms fields. This block can only be obtained by players who mine it with a tool that has the Silk Touch enchantment.

4) Beacons

Beacons can be made from light-emitting blocks and cannot be generated naturally. Players will need a netherstar to craft them. This is dropped by the miter after it dies. Many status effects can be obtained by activating a beacon.

3) Sponges

Sponges, like most blocks on this list are not craftable. They can only be generated within a unique structure called the ocean monument. Elder guardians can also be killed to give players a few wet sponges.

Sponges are blocks that absorb water. It then becomes a sponge and can be dried by heating it in a furnace.

2) Ancient Debris

Because emerald ore generates quite often now, it is undoubtedly the most rare ore in Minecraft 1.18. It is only found in the Nether, and it is the only source for Netherite. This rare ore was added to Minecraft 1.16.

1) Dragon Egg

The Ender Dragon, a hostile creature, spawns in End dimension. It is a formidable boss mob and is extremely difficult to defeat.

The dragon egg will be displayed on the top of the exit portal once the player has defeated the Ender Dragon naturally spawned. It is the most rare block that can't be mined in Minecraft. Only one dragon egg can be found in every Minecraft world.