What to do after you finish Minecraft

10 November, 2022

What to do after you finish Minecraft

Minecraft is a great way to get bored. You can spend hours exploring, mining and doing many other things in Minecraft. What about those who are looking for a more creative outlet?

Many gamers find building things to be one of the most enjoyable parts of Minecraft. They can create anything they want in Minecraft. The only limitation is their imagination.

There are many options, but some people hesitate to make a decision.

5) Base for underwater survival

A fun and practical way to make use of your building skills is to create an underwater survival base. They can take complete control of their building environment.

In addition, hostile mobs may not spawn as often in underwater bases making it a safer option for those who are more cautious.

4) Medieval castle

Castles in Minecraft can be a long-term, fun project. Gamers can create all kinds of castles from modern-inspired to medieval.

Castles are easy to build and require a lot of materials. This makes them a great project for anyone who is just starting out with Minecraft or those who have been playing for a while.

3) Axolotl aquarium

Axolotls are cute creatures that can be found underwater by Minecraft players. What if they wish to keep an axolotl at the base?

There are many ways to accomplish this, fortunately. A great place to begin is building an axolotl tank. An aquarium is a fun and useful addition to any Minecraft base.

2) Medieval ship

Do you long to sail high seas? You are in luck. This Minecraft-based ship model is designed to look like a medieval ship. It's a great addition to any map.

The build is simple and can be found in a variety of materials. However, players will require a lot of wood and white yarn to complete the project.

1) Portal of the Nether sword

The Nether sword portal is at the top of the list. It was built using a Nether portal base and decorated to look like an outstretched sword.