Where to look for interesting mobs in Minecraft ?

31 October, 2022

Where to look for interesting mobs in Minecraft ?

Without mobs, Minecraft would be very boring. They drop items upon being killed. Some of these can be very useful. It is now quite common to farm them in survival mode.

There are many ways that mobs can spawn. Some places and structures will have more mobs than others. Some mobs, such as guardians, will only spawn at certain locations.

Where to find mobs in Minecraft

5) Ocean monuments

Because guardians don't spawn elsewhere, it is only possible to farm them here if the player wishes to farm them. They will drop prismarine fragments upon being killed. These can then be used to make prismarine blocks. These beautiful blocks are a favorite of Minecrafters and can be used in many builds.

4) Dungeons

A dungeon is a small room that contains a spawner, up to two loot boxes and a few other items. You can choose to have a spawner made of a skeleton, spider, or zombie. They look like a small cage with a miniature version inside that spawns the mob.

3) Mineshafts

These large structures are underground and generate overworld. They are very common and often encountered by players while they mine for resources. They don't have any light source so many mobs are created inside them.

Multiple cave spider spawners can be found in mine shafts, making it easy to create efficient farms. There are many exposed ores that players can mine.

2) Nether fortresses

This structure is common in the Nether realm. Here are a few dangerous mobs like magma cubes and wither skeletons. This is the only place where you can create a blaze farm. Only here players will be able to find blaze spawners.

1) End dimension

The End dimension is dangerous and full of endermen. It is easy to create an XP farm with ender pearls, which endermen drop when they are killed.

The End dimension is also where the Ender dragon lives. The End Cities will also have shulkers. The city is difficult to find.